Welcome to Barefoot Shutterbug Photography


About Jodi: as a mother of three, I wanted to capture each moment of my children’s lives, and realized that studio photography couldn’t do that for me. I was given a camera by my parents and fell in love with the art of photography. I started with learning how to photograph in natural light, the most beautiful and flattering of all light. This is the lighting technique I prefer to this day.


The daily moments of our lives cannot be recorded accurately in a studio setting. Peanut butter and jelly kisses, the wild scruffy morning hair of a toddler, tender moments between a newlywed couple like their first kiss… I wanted to accurately capture not only the moment, but the feeling and the essence of that moment.


After two years of school, I began to develop my own personal style of photography, which I strive to bring out in each photo. Since 2000, I have added seniors, engagements, newborns and weddings to my portfolio. It truly is an honor to be allowed to share a beautiful moment with you and to turn it into a lasting memory of a treasured time in your life.


I look forward to helping you by … Saving Sweet Memories.